Important communication – instagram account hacked

Dear Friends and Followers,

despite our attention to security, Your Tour in Paris instagram account @yourtourinparis has been hacked yesterday morning.

I took immediate reaction and I am working to have it back but it will be difficult and it will take time. So far no harm was done but I cannot predict what the hackers will do so we kindly ask and encourage you to report any irregular or illegal activity from the account and to cancel immediately any direct message you may receive from it without opening it until the situation is solved and the account rescued or cancelled.

You can still follow us and discover the beauty of Paris, its best addresses and my tips to visit the visit the city on our other accounts:

@saravalti – my private account where I share my favorite Paris and best addresses

@yourtourparis – a new account dedicated to everything Parisian. It will host all the posts until the situation will be over

Thank you for your support and help!

PS. If any of view has experience in dealing with Instagram nonexistent support please contact me.


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