After talking about the wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe I cannot overlook the enormous “Flying Dragon” that landed a couple of weeks ago in Place Vendôme generating quite a buzz. Created by Alexandre Calder in 1975 using bright red steel plate, this giant modern dragon is an unexpected view among the symmetrical buildings that elegantly frame Napoleon’s bronze column.

Even if I do not always appreciate the installation of modern artworks in historical public spaces – I know, it is a huge limitation I am overcoming only in the last years – I am obsessed with the Flying Dragon’s dynamism and color. Calder’s ability to balance weight and mass in order to give the viewer the impression that this enormous metal sculpture is ready to take off is simply incredible.

The Flying Dragon is part of FIAC hors le mur, and is marking the opening of Gagosian’s new art gallery in Rue Castiglione where the inaugural exhibition will present diverse archival materials related to the sculpture (including the original maquette!) and additional works from 1975. A unique opportunity to discover Calder’s work in Paris.

For more information click here. To admire the statue and Place Vendôme with me just send send me an email!

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