Tea Time with Marie Antoinette Live Virtual Tour

Despised by Revolutionaries, disliked by aristocrats, hated by many and eventually nicknamed “Madame Bankruptcy” Marie Antoniette is, today, the most famous French queen and a real modern Icon. Rehabilitated after the Restoration her life became legend and inspired countless books and movies. What is true and what is false? Let’s discover together the real life of Marie Antoinette.
While sipping tea (if you want to feel like her go for a Rose or Jasmin tea) I will give you a little presentation about her life, showing you pictures and drawings about her life in Versailles and then you can ask me whatever you want. I will answer to your question! To give you some ideas: did she really said “let them eat cake”? What happened to her children after the Revolution? Is the collier scandal a real history? Was Fersen her lover? and many others. Get your questions ready!
At the end of our conversation you will receive a list of places in Paris where you can follow her footsteps and continue to explore!

PLEASE NOTE: I will be streaming live from my home. I will not be streaming directly from the Versailles for the museum is closed until further notice due to lockdown.

Duration: 1h30

Price: 150 euros (per tour, not per person!) – you can share the link to your friends and family (up to 6 screens)