Leonardo Da Vinci in the Louvre virtual tour

Leonardo da Vinci is probably one of the most famous artists of all times but the question is: why?
He finished only very few paintings, so few that many scholars think that he was actually more interested in science than art. So why his peers considered him an incredible artist? Why Mona Lisa has been famous for more than 500 years? Why the french king Francis I hired him? Leonardo’s life is full of travels, adventures, events. . .

Finding the truth among legends and myths is extremely difficult. You can read hundreds of books without getting a single answer!

Thanks to new technologies and to a careful check of Leonardo’s writings and ancient documents, the last Louvre’s exhibition dedicated to the artist allowed us to make new discoveries and increase our knowledge.
Using live video conferencing and digital resources; sharing photos and images I will tell you all we know, in 2020, about Leonardo, his life, his art, his ideas. . . you will discover that reality can be more fascinating than legends!

PLEASE NOTE: I will be streaming live from my home. I will not be streaming directly from the Versailles for the museum is closed until further notice due to lockdown.

Duration: 1h30

Price: 150 euros (per tour, not per person!) – you can share the link to your friends and family (up to 6 screens)