Musee Picasso Paris Private Tour


Picasso Museum Paris Private tour 

If you ask someone to name one, just one, artist of the 20th Century in the 99% of the cases the choice will be Picasso. Why? The answer looks simple: because Picasso was (still is actually) the most famous artist in the world. He revolutionised art and his skills and mastery of different techniques are amazing. Still, the question is partially unsolved. How Pablo, the son of an almost unknown Spanish Academic painter became Picasso, the greatest artist of the 20th Century?

The Musee Picasso Paris private tour will give you the answer to this and many other questions; the chance to explore and finally understand Picasso’s visionary revolution and visit the magnificent Hotel Sale’, the historical mansion where the museum is housed.

Price: 280 euros per group – up to 6 people. Skip the line Ticket included