About Sara


Welcome to YourTourInParis, a website dedicated to Paris and how to live the city like a local.

My name is Sara (yes, without the H) and I am an Italian art historian Parisian by heart. The City of Lights conquered me long time ago, the first time I visited France so, after years spent between Venice and Milan studying Art history, I decided to move here and I will not leave. I am passionate about Paris. I love its history, art, lifestyle, cuisine, fashion, traditions, legends… In the last 10 years I’ve read everything I could about this city. I’ve been (almost) everywhere. I walked along hundreds and hundreds of little streets or elegant boulevards. I consumed my shoes (a lot of them) in museums, parks, even cemeteries and now, even if I am still learning, I am ready to share my passion and my knowledge with curious guests who are looking to discover something more than what you can read on guide books.

My Tours

I created my tours in Paris thinking about what I really show to my family and friends when they are visiting me. My questions were: what are the most important places my guests cannot really miss while in Paris? Where can they experience the authentic Parisian life? Where can I take them for a stroll, coffee, some nice shopping, drinks? How can we visit museum in a new, interesting, informative but NOT boring way? Why I cannot create personalized tours to suit my guests’ interests instead of following the usual paths planned for groups and tourists? This is how YourTourInParis.com was born.  To help first time visitors to make the most of their time in Paris and help repeaters to find something new, even in museums that apparently “never” change, like the Louvre.

My background

I have a strong historical and artistic background and I have been working in tourism for more than 10 years now. I graduated in Art history in Venice (Universita’ Ca Foscari). I’ve spent 10 years researching in Paris. I am a qualified tour guide and personal shopper in Italy and I’ve been a qualified French Tour Guide in Paris since 2014 (Carte Professionelle de Guide-Conferencier n. 1475034P). I am an active member of FNGIC (Federation Nationale des Guides Interpretes et Conferencier – National Association of Tour guide) and I am associated with Paris Historique, a cultural association aiming to protect and study the cultural heritage in Paris.


  • Graduated with honour in Conservazione dei Beni culturali (Universita Ca Foscari – Venice). I studied Archeology, History and Art History (specialised in XVI Century Art), Iconology and Iconography, History of Religions.
  • Former teacher of Art History and Tourism
  • Licensed tour guide for Italy
  • Licensed tour guide for France
  • Member of FNGIC (French National Tour Guides Association)
  • Member of Paris Historique (cultural association promoting Parisian cultural heritage)


While working in Italy I’ve been several times on tv, talking about art and famous landmarks.

My in person and online tours in Paris have been featured in Dove (Italian magazine dedicated to travel and tourism) and The Times & Sunday Times… and more is to come! Stay tuned

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  1. i viaggi di chris tour srl

    buonasera mi servirebbe una guida in italiano per un gruppo di studenti. mi puoi fonrie un contatto telefonico o una mail?


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