Paris Dark Secrets and Louvre’s Darkest Art Virtual Tours

Fall is finally here. The natural light season will be over soon and, until next spring, our morning and evening will definitely be a lot darker. Who has experienced Paris in this season knows what I mean: we will go to work before sunrise and get back home long after sunset… This still is one of my favorite time of the year and it inspired me a new online tour.

What about talking about Paris darkest secrets and Louvre’s darkest art? Real histories that will bring shivers down our spine. You know that real life can often be more intriguing than legends and Paris’ long history is full of strange, mysterious and sometimes scary facts no one usually tells to visitors.

Let’s take a walk on the darkest side on the Ville Lumiere and its most famous museum and talk about the city where the guillotine was invented, the river Seine turned red in blood several times and canvases were made using mummies’ body . . . you will discover that, behind its elegant facade, lays a hidden face made of murders, conspiracies and serial killers.

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