News from Paris

Unfortunately due to the acceleration of the pandemic and the infections raising in all France President Macron has announced yesterday a second national lockdown until (at least) Dec. 1st.

Starting on Friday Oct. 30th all the non-essential businesses, such as cafes, restaurants, museums, theatres, stores… will close. Only grocery stores, schools and factories will remain open and people will be allowed to leave home for work, medical reason and essential errands. Any social gathering with friends and family is banned and only a little walk near the house will be tolerated. Like last spring people leaving home will need to fill in a form to justify the reason why they are doing it. European boarders will remain open and the international will be closed. A revaluation of the situation is planned in 15 days.

Let’s hope that this new lockdown will allow all of us to have an almost normal December and give researchers time to find a therapy and a vaccin.

In the meanwhile, to stay in touch with you I will post more about Paris and its art&culture scene. I will continue my Small Talks column and I will also add few others. One column will be dedicated to Parisian museums (what about the lesser known works of art in the Louvre and/or the Musee d’Orsay?) and another one will be about Parisian monuments and buildings… I am thinking also about French cuisine and little tips about online shopping, so you can have a little taste of Paris directly at your place.

Let me know what you would like to read about Paris!

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