News from Paris 3 – new online experiences

Here we go again: a new update about Covid 19 restrictions. From Dec. 15th the 20Km limit will be over and it will be finally allowed to travel between different regions. The limit will be replaced by a curfew, from 20pm to 6am. Unfortunately, that is basically all. Museums, cinemas, theatres will remain close, as well as restaurants, cafes and bars. Unfortunately, the pandemic’s numbers are not good enough to quit all the restrictions, especially during holiday season so I guess we will have to wait at least to mid January to be able to explore Parisian cultural institutions in person. Till then, we can always enjoy a walk in the city to admire Christmas decorations and do a little shopping. Please mind that stores must follow a strict protocol so there may be a line to enter in the most famous department stores or in the smaller boutiques.

In the mean time, to give you the opportunity to learn more about the city of light and its history, I am improving our online offer, starting with the online talk “Tea time with Marie Antoinette“.

Tea Time with Marie Antoinette talk is organized in two part. Section 1 is a presentation about Marie Antoinette life: I will tell you her life and show you pictures of Versailles, the Petit Trianon Royal Palace, her farm, her gardens, her gowns and wigs… Section 2 is a conversation about her. Comfortably seated in our houses we will enjoy a tea (go for a Jasmin or Rose flavoured tea to feel like Marie Antoinette) and you will have the chance to ask me, live, everything you want about her: was Fersen her lover? What happened with the necklace? Did she really play on stage? Was she guilty? What happened to her children… instead of listening to the information I chose, you will have the (quite unique) chance to ask me what you really want to know. My sources??? The many books, memoires, documents… we have about this unlucky and controversial queen. Tea time with Marie Antoinette is an interesting and entertaining way to connect and hang out online with friends and family all over the world talking about history (and historical gossip). The perfect activity for a lazy winter afternoon. And if you don’t like tea? Check out the Hot chocolate recipe I published few days ago or pick your favorite drink!

If you are interested in knowing more, just contact me!

From Paris, with love


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