News from Paris – finally good news!

The sun is not really shining over Paris in these days but… who cares? For once I will not complain about this (extremely) rainy spring to focus on good news. Covid restrictions in France are being lifted!

Starting from today cafes’ and restaurants’ terraces will open again after more than 7 months! Can you image a Paris without cafes, little brasseries and Parisians seating outside in any weather conditions gossiping about unknown passers by? Pretty sad and quite gloomy… well, now they are back, ready to welcome you again. Same for boutiques and not-essential stores. From today everything will slowly get back to normal. Masks will stay with us for long time but at least we will be able to enjoy a coffee with friends, some shopping in real stores and nice meals finally freshly made by someone else!

Museums and historical venues are opening today too! I am so thrilled to go there and check on my favorite art works… I feel like a kid in a candy shop: I cannot decide where to go and what to “taste” first! I guess it will be the Louvre but I am not sure yet.

Curfew has been moved from 7pm to 9pm too… still quite early but we will have time enough for a nice drink or an early dinner.

It is still a bit premature to talk about international tourism but French boarders with extra EU countries will open next month so… it is finally time to plan your fall trip!

And since tomorrow is my birthday my plan is to have an amazing day OUT – rain, you will not stop me! – and share my fav addresses with you again!

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