Covid 19 and consequent travel restrictions actually obliged the tour industry to stop and unfortunately, as now, we do not know when we will be able to provide our services again. Hopefully starting from next Autumn. More realistically starting from next winter/year. This is frustrating. Not only for tour guides, who are actually loosing their jobs, but also for the many travelers whose tours and holidays have been cancelled with little hope of rescheduling.

For this reason, I decided to offer to all my clients, fond of Paris, art and history, the chance to join me in private online talks, virtual “tours” and seminars dedicated to my city. They will be a nice opportunity to learn something more about Paris directly from your home. These talks will offer you an open window on Parisian culture, a nice escape form your everyday routine, and also an interesting way to plan your future real trip to France. Instead of looking online, searching for information on random and often not-so-accurate website, you can enjoy a talk with a local expert guide who can really help you understanding the “Ville Lumiere”. Coming soon:

  • Online Live Virtual Tour “Masterpieces of the Louvre Museum” – family&kids edition available!
  • Online Live Virtual Tour “Masterpieces of the Orsay Museum” – family&kids edition available!
  • Online Live Virtual Tour “Leonardo da Vince in the Louvre: myths, reality and recent discoveries”
  • Online Live Virtual Tour “Picasso Magic Works – the last exhibition in the Picasso Museum, Paris”
  • Online Live Virtual Tour “Paris Hidden gems: amazing places you don’t know in Paris, from Medieval time to XIX century.
  • Online Virtual Tour “Saint Germain: myth and reality”
  • Online Virtual Tour “Marais and Jewish Heritage”
  • Online Talks about Paris: where to go, what to see, where to stay/eat/shop… a private consultation with a real local expert
  • Online Art History Conversation Vol 1: from Ancient Greece to Renaissance Art – Louvre
  • Online Art History Conversation Vol 2: from Renaissance to XIX century – Louvre
  • Online Art History Conversation Vol. 3: from Academic painting to Impressionism – Musee d’Orsay
  • Online Art History Conversation Vol. 4: from Post-Impressionism to Avant Garde – Musee d’Orsay and Orangerie

All Virtual tours and conversations will be LIVE and interactive… forget the idea of a boring online, registered conference on youtube and enjoy real talks, make questions, make the most of your learning time! Online Virtual Tours will take about 1hour/1h30min and will take place via a professional (and easy to use) video conference system. Your unique link will be provided after the booking is confirmed

Price is about 150 euros per seminar and you can share it with your friends and family up to 8 people connected at the same time (bigger groups on request).

If you are looking for a longer seminar or a specific topic please do not hesitate to ask!

See you soon!


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