Paris: slowly going back to normal life

Today in Paris starts a new phase. After months of lockdown Parisian restaurants’ “terrasses” are opening again. After the re-opening of the parks during the last weekend this new step is bringing us back to (an almost) normal life. It may sounds a bit superficial but living in a Paris without cafes, restaurants and the chatty hanging out drinking a coffee or an “apero” in their beautiful terraces is like not living in Paris at all. Museums also are opening again! The smallest ones are already welcoming the first visitors while the biggest ones, like the Louvre and Versailles, will wait a bit more. Hopefully the situation will be back to “normal” soon. I actually can’t wait to show you the new places I discovered last winter  (sadly just in time for the lockdown) and tell you all I learned during this long lockdown, reading all the books I bought but never had the time to read before…  In the meantime I hope to see you online! If you are interested in one of my online tours or seminar just let me know!


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