News from Paris – 2

Hello from Paris!

Here we are with the usual update about the lockdown measures that are currently in force in France. I waited a few days before sharing them with you to check everything out… Compared to the last weeks our lockdown is now less strict. We are still not allowed to travel to different regions without a valid and urgent reason but:

  • we can walk outside home, alone or with members of our households for 3 hours/day and within 20 Km of our residence.
  • Shops, and services, including public libraries are now open and we can actually go there even if they are not close to home (sounds obvious but in reality it is not…)
  • Places of worship may open, with a maximum of 30 people for ceremonies.
  • Cinemas, theatres, museums are currently closed but may open after Dec. 15th if the pandemic will remain under control.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere, even in the outside.
  • An exemption certificate is also required every time we go out.

Unfortunately bars and restaurants will remain closed until mid January. Many of them actually organized a take away services but others preferred to stay close and wait for a better period – hopefully in a near future.

Of course, guided tours are not allowed and it is not clear what will happen after Dec. 15th. In the mean time you can still book a virtual tour or conversation or, if you follow my Facebook page, you can browse the free experiences I am posting there. Let’s keep talking about art and Paris!

If you are looking for detailed information or you need to download the exemption certificate check out this link.

Stay safe,


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